Owner, Denisha

Thank you for stopping by my virtual home. I am a Sisterlocks Consultant and Brand Ambassador based in Southern California. I am passionate about what I do and few things make me happier than helping a client discover a new level of beauty and freedom when they look in the mirror at their gorgeous natural hair.

I’ve been Sisterlocked for five years and was so in love with my hair,  I decided to become a consultant within one year after my locs were installed (I was officially certified in 2017). Like many of my clients, I made the decision to get Sisterlocks after many years of maintaining my hair as a loose natural. As a former athlete, physical activity and wellness are important to me, and I was tired of feeling like I had to sacrifice looking fabulous for the sake of working out. I wanted an option that would allow me to exercise, shower, shake my hair, and go! Sisterlocks gave me that ability and I haven’t looked back since - no detangling required. My goal as a consultant is to introduce other Black women to that same kind of hair freedom.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re researching if Sisterlocks are right for you. I appreciate you considering me as your potential consultant. What you can expect from me the moment you sit in my chair, is a personalized approach to beginning your Sisterlock journey. I pride myself on my professionalism and customer service and want you to feel confident in working with me every step of the way. Natural hair is beautiful, and you are too. With Sisterlocks, you can achieve new levels of beauty with your hair allowing you to spend less time in the bathroom on wash day and more time doing the things you love. I’m sure you know that no style is completely “maintenance-free,” but with Sisterlocks, there’s a different kind of freedom I can’t wait for you to experience!